Wednesday, April 8, 2009

DreamZ in RED::..

The RED ROMPER has been on my mind lately....

The Look. The Fit. The Comfort. The Style. The Language. The Shape.....

Like, it's really been on my mind since the age of like, 5.

Lightweight Silky Lipstick Red Jumpsuit, CHIQVINTAGE.

... Mademoiselle Vintage

Une Nuit Incroyable. Vintage Lover::...

I know, i'm clearly obsessed (with all things vintage)... but can you blame me???

The following very HAUTE dress was found at a store called, Play Ground Vintage

Item: Vintage Lily Rubin studded dress with ruffled black organza trimmed with metallic gold tread

Vintage Hunter

I found this piece at a store called Second Lovers Vintage.

Item: A one-of-a kind Vintage 70s Shirtdress with abstract rose print.

Vintage Traveller:::..

Boston and Maine Transportation Company Bus and the Hampton Beach Girls - 1953

ForeiGN NeutrAlity::...


Magazine: Jet Magazine, March 20th, 1952

Significance: Kwame Nkrumah becomes the FIRST Prime Minister of Ghana

Timeless Instructions!::..

This was taken from Jet Magazine, March 22 1956...

These instructions are still relevant today. I would love to see the "peasant" style brought back into play. My Mother does it sometimes and she looks absolutely beautiful when she does!


How better to start than by Dancing With Myself by the ONLY idol we know..

Yes. Billy. Billy Idol

I Love him!